What is a mod in a work comp insurance policy

What is a MOD?

MOD is short for Experience Rating Modification. A MOD is a multiplier or a “score” applied to the premium of a qualifying work comp insurance policy and provides an incentive for accident prevention. The MOD ...

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workers compensation insurance premium calculation

How is Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Calculated?

Work Comp premium is based on a fundamental math formula:                                     Total Yearly Payroll      x     Base Rate(s)  =  Estimated Yearly Work Comp Premium                                              100 Please note that the workers comp premium is sometimes adjusted ...

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stop work order workers comp insurance

Workers Compensation | Stop-Work Orders

States conduct investigations, interviewing individuals, questioning employees, and inspecting company files to determine if the company is in violation of any state statutes.  If yes, then a stop-work order is issued. A stop-work order notice ...

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