Requirements: Most businesses with 3 or more employees must have workmans comp in Arkansas.  Exceptions exist to the “3 or more requirement,” so we suggest business owners with fewer than three employees should ask the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission or an attorney before assuming they are not subject to Arkansas work comp laws.

Sole Proprietors, Corporate Officers, Partners and LLC Members are all included in work comp insurance, but may choose to be excluded from coverage.

Policy exclusion documents in the state of Arkansas are carrier specific.  Therefore, it is imperative that you talk with your insurance carrier to make certain that you are completing the proper form if choosing to exclude yourself from coverage.

Arkansas Sole Props, Partners & LLC members who opt to include themselves on a work comp insurance policy must use a $38,500 payroll value (as of 4/1/2016).

Arkansas Corp Officers who include themselves on a workers comp insurance policy must use a minimum payroll of $39,000 and a maximum $156,000 payroll of $156,000. (as of 4/1/2016)

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