What is a Workers Comp Loss Run Report

What is a Workers Comp Loss Run Report?

“Loss Runs” is an insurance term referring to an employer’s “Official Work Comp Claims Report.” This loss run report is obtained from all the employer’s work comp insurance carriers that have insured the employer the ...

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Work Comp Certificate of Insurance (COI)

What is a Work Comp Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

It is formal proof of workers comp insurance coverage. The certificate is a document used to display information regarding the workman’s compensation insurance coverage. The certificate provides verification of the workers comp insurance and contains ...

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What is a "Work Comp Ghost Policy"

So what is a “Work Comp Ghost Policy?”

The ghost policy’s purpose is to provide workers compensation insurance for a contractor or sub-contractor who has zero employees (“ghosts”). The benefit is that an owner can exclude himself/herself from the workers comp policy, but ...

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