What is a mod in a work comp insurance policy_a businessman looks confused while looking at a wall of question marks

What is a MOD?

MOD is short for Experience Rating Modification. A MOD is a multiplier or a “score” applied to the premium of a qualifying work comp insurance policy and provides an incentive for accident prevention. The MOD ...

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workers compensation insurance premium calculation_infinite numbers background

How is Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Calculated?

Work Comp premium is based on a fundamental math formula:                                     Total Yearly Payroll      x     Base Rate(s)  =  Estimated Yearly Work Comp Premium                                              100 Please note that the workers comp premium is sometimes adjusted ...

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Workers Compensation | Stop-Work Orders

States conduct investigations, interviewing individuals, questioning employees, and inspecting company files to determine if the company is in violation of any state statutes.  If yes, then a stop-work order is issued. A stop-work order notice ...

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workers compensation class codes_Are you confused by class codes?

Are You Confused by Class Codes?

The hallmark of Workers Compensation Insurance is the classification code system. Over 700 class codes exist. The system was designed to differentiate the risk associated with each specific job category. For example, clerical office employees ...

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