Requirements: Non-construction companies with 4 or more full or part-time employees are required to buy FL work comp coverage.

All Florida construction companies must buy Florida workers compensation insurance regardless of the number of employees unless the entity is allowed to file an owner exemption.

Florida Construction companies are required to secure Florida workers comp insurance.

Florida Construction Sole Props and Construction Partnerships are not allowed to be excluded from workers comp insurance in Florida.

A FL Construction Corporation may exempt up to 3 Officers if each owns at least 10% of the corporation. Included officers in the Florida construction industry must use a minimum of $20,800 payroll)

A Florida Construction LLC may exclude 3 LLC Members if each owns a minimum of 10% stock.  Florida contractors established as an LLC are all treated as a corporation (Included officers in the Florida construction industry must use a minimum of $20,800 payroll)

Florida Non-Construction Sole-Proprietors & Partners are not required to include themselves on a Florida workers comp policy and are automatically excluded.  They can choose to include themselves by filing Form DWC-251.

Sole Proprietors and Partners included on a Florida work comp policy are required to use a $43,800 minimum payroll. (effective December 1, 2016)

Florida Non-Construction Corp Officers can exclude themselves from Florida work comp coverage if they own stock and hold office on the Board of Directors. Included Corp Officers must utilize a $44,200 minimum payroll  and a $130,000 maximum payroll for premium calculation.

Florida Non-Construction LLC Members are automatically treated as employees, but they may choose to exclude themselves from coverage.  LLC Members min. payroll requirement is determined by how the LLC is set-up for tax purposes: sole prop, partnership, or corporation.

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