Ohio maintains an exclusive insurance state fund run by the Ohio Bureau of Work Comp Insurance.

Workers Comp Insurance in Ohio can only be bought thru this state fund

All Ohioan companies are required to buy a work comp policy.

Sole-Proprietors & Partners are automatically excluded, but can opt to be covered. A Notice of Election form may need be filed with The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Corporate Officers are automatically included in Ohio coverage, but they may elect to be excluded using the proper exclusion form.

LLC Members will be treated as either a corporate officer or sole-proprietor depending on how they form their entity and how they are treated for income tax purposes.

Inclusion or Rejection of Work Comp Coverage Forms: These documents are not easily accessible on the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation website. Please contact the Bureau with any questions.

Ohio has minimum & maximum payroll requirements for calculating premium.  It is based on the state average weekly wage.

Contractors working in Ohio may be subject to industry payroll limits and may need to keep records to verify weekly wages paid to their workers.

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