All TN companies with five or more part-time or full-time employees must buy a workers compensation policy.

However, all TN construction companies must buy workers comp coverage when they hire their first employee.

Sole-Proprietors, Partners & LLC Members are automatically excluded for coverage, but they can choose to be included. An I-4 Form — a  TN Sole Proprietor/Partner Inclusion Form must be submitted to the state of TN and insurance carrier.

Corporate Officers are automatically included in work comp coverage, but they may elect to be excluded using Form I-6

Sole-Proprietors and Partners who include themselves on workers compensation coverage must use a minimum payroll amount of $23,400 for rating purposes

Officers and LLC Members who are not excluded from coverage must utilize a minimum payroll of $23,400 and a maximum payroll of $68,120 for the purpose of rating workers comp premium

Inclusion or Rejection of TN Work Comp Coverage Documents:

TN Form I-4 Sole Prop & Partner Inclusion Document

TN Form I-5 Sole Prop & Partner Withdrawal of Work Comp Coverage

TN Form I-6 Corp Officer Rejection of Coverage

TN Form I-7 Corporate Officer revocation of Exclusion

TN Form I-8 Exempt Owner Notice of Work Comp Acceptance

TN Form I-9 Exempt Owner Withdrawal of Coverage Election

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