Texas is the only state that does not require companies to buy workers compensation.

Employers that purchase workers comp coverage in Texas are called Subscribers and companies that do not but work comp are Non-Subscribers.

Please note: Non-Subscribers are still responsible for paying benefits.

Sole Props & Partners are automatically included on a work comp policy, but they can choose to be excluded.

Sole Props & Partners who include themselves onto a work comp policy must refer to appendix F in the NCCI basic manual with respect to determining the payroll amount to use.

Texas Corporate Officers & LLC Members are automatically included on a policy, but they may opt to exclude themselves by completing a Rejection of Work Comp Coverage Form.

LLC Members & Corp Officers who are not excluded from workers comp coverage must use a $7,800 minimum payroll and a $62,400 maximum payroll for the purpose of calculating workers comp premium.

Texas requires that all businesses involved in projects for government entities buy a workers compensation policy.

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