construction workers compensation insurance

Workers Compensation for the Construction Industry

Work Comp is often a higher priority for construction companies.

Rates generally tend to be high.

Unfortunately, not many insurance carriers are interested in issuing work comp policies for these construction employers. helps all companies secure workers comp coverage, especially construction companies. We secure affordable work comp quotes for some of the toughest class codes and companies with high mods because we connect with insurance partners who specialize in high hazard industries.

If you are small roofing company that is looking for a work comp policy or a large painting enterprise needing work comp coverage or any construction company looking for workers comp insurance, call us at 1-800-860-9467 or contact us thru our website for a quote.

Tips to keep in mind for construction companies:

The payroll for individual construction employees is commonly divided among classifications where payroll records allow. Therefore, it is very important to make certain that payroll records keep track of the exact time each employee spends at various job functions that might be eligible for lower rates. If you do not track the exact time spent in each job, all of the payroll for that employee will be designated to the highest rated class code.

Another area of focus for workers compensation for construction companies is to make certain your company receives all the contractors premium adjustment credits your company might be eligible for. Some states provide incentives (i.e. premium credits) to construction companies who pay employees relatively high hourly wages, but the employer needs to apply for these credits.